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Who We Are

A Level Up is a boutique strategic marketing consultancy driving change for mission-driven entities laser-focused on elevating the K-12 learning experience.


We work with education technology companies, nonprofits, publishers, school districts, and other education providers that are serious about bringing innovation to K-12 so that students are inspired, curious, engaged and excelling every single day.

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What We Do


research | planning | analysis | development


branding | positioning | content | PR



visioning | stakeholder engagement | measurement | communication


leadership development | change management

Why We Do It

"Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom."

- George Washington Carver

We believe that education is vital to a healthy, prosperous society. Educating a child is an awesome responsibility that has ripple effects for years to come, shaping values, knowledge acquisition, academic and life skills, mindset, and lifelong outcomes.  A well-designed educational system is a safe space that cultivates creativity, growth, student agency and excellence. 

We are intent on shaping and scaling programs that enhance the student experience with joyful and purposeful learning that prepares students for meaningful and fulfilling futures.  We work with clients who share our vision.


Our Chief Consultant

Rebecca Aaron established A Level Up, LLC in 2018 for one simple reason: to make K-12 eductaion better. An avid lifelong learner who thrived in an education system that valued creativity, student agency, and personalized student experience, she made a decision 25 years ago to help make K-12 work for everyone. 

Rebecca has worked toward this mission from every angle, including 15 years in large public K-12 school districts as an executive overseeing communications and accountability functions, school-based administrator, and teacher. She also oversaw national strategic product marketing for a leading global education technology company; provided consultation to multiple elected officials in the U.S. Congress and at the state and local levels; and served as the Education Director for the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Today, A Level Up, LLC helps districts and private entities improve K-12 education, amplify their voices, and scale services. This work could look like a lot of different things depending on client needs - from designing a district strategic plan to facilitating leadership development to  crafting a product marketing strategy. Through her consultative approach, Rebecca works with clients to define strategic goals, build teams, develop customized solutions, expand capacity, and bring their vision to life.

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